• Tally 7.2 Silver To Tally.ERP 9 Silver

At Tally, we have a hard-earned reputation for empowering businesses with stable, effective software products. Tally.ERP 9 has all the features required for high-performance business management.

You bank and pay utility bills from home, why not do your business transactions? Or call up a stock status report and print a copy from wherever you are? Tally.ERP 9 has been designed with you in mind. Powerful connectivity makes information available with your staff, CA and other professionals, round-the-clock, in any place. It's also quick to install and allows incremental implementation-a novel capability that lets you activate just as many of its functions when required, even across locations.

With Trusted Remote Access, Audit & Compliance Services, an Integrated Support Centre and Security management, all focused on delivering peace of mind to You. It is a complete product that retains its original simplicity yet offers comprehensive business functionalities such as Accounting, Finance, Inventory, Sales, Purchase, Point of Sales, Manufacturing, Costing, Job Costing, Payroll and Branch Management along with capabilities like Statutory Processes, excise etc. Whatever the demands, Tally ERP 9 makes life a lot easier. With an ideal combination of function, control and customisability built in, Tally.ERP 9 permits business owners and their associates to do more.

The product is supported on Windows operating system; on Windows XP and above.

Advantages :

• Powerful remote capabilities that boost collaboration 
• Easy to find qualified personnel 
• Easy to customize
• Low cost of ownership via quick implementation, Tally Integrator, Support Centre...


Accounting & Finance

ü  Accounting

ü  Financial Management & Controls

ü  Costing

ü  Multi-Company

ü  Multi-Period

ü  Multi-Cost/Profit Centers

ü  Multi-Currency

ü  Multi-Budgets & Scenarios

ü  Banking

ü  Multilingual

Sales & Purchase Management

ü  Sales & Receivables

ü  Purchases & Payables

ü  Stock Query from Invoice

ü  Bill settlement

ü  Preclosure of orders

ü  Receipt and payment of orders

ü  Mass Emailing - Communicating

Manufacturing & Job Work

ü  Manufacturing

ü  Job Costing

ü  Job Work In/Out


ü  Inventory Accounting & Management

ü  Batch Vouchers Report

ü  Multi-Units

ü  Multi-Location Inventory

Statutory Compliance

ü  Statutory Capabilities

ü  Statutory Updates

ü  CST

ü  VAT

ü  Service Tax

ü  TDS

ü  Excise for Manufacturers

ü  Excise for Dealers

Payroll Management

ü  Payroll

ü  Income Tax for Salaries

MIS Reporting

ü  Cash Flow Projection Statement

ü  MCA stat report

Internet Based Capabilities

ü  Remote Access

ü  Tally SMS

ü  Jobs & Recruitment

ü  Tally Shop

ü  Administration & Support Centre

Branch Management

ü  Understanding Data Synchronization

ü  One-way Synchronization

ü  Selective Synchronization

ü  Synchronization After Save

ü  Multiple Rule Synchronization

ü  Enterprise and Beyond

ü  Synch with 'Voucher Ordering'

ü  Opening Balance Control


ü  Point of Sale

ü  Security & Access Control

ü  Data Audit

ü  Voucher security

ü  CIN

ü  Tally in Arabic

ü  Multiple addresses for company and Ledger masters


5-Star Certified Partners: 

These partners cater to your complex or unique business requirements. By specialised skills, we mean building solutions (over and above the default Tally product) that are tailor-made as per your business segment and operations. These partners effectively understand your requirement, build and deliver the right-fit solution for your business.

Based upon their ability to provide a combination of sales, services and building customized solutions, these partners are further classified into:

·         5-Star Sales & Implementation Certified Partners

5-Star Sales & Solution Certified Partners

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Tally 7.2 Silver To Tally.ERP 9 Silver

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